Code Of Conduct

By entering the premise or by registering to the event, I agree to the following code of conduct.

I understand that by breaking any of these rules, me or my team may be ejected from the event or future events with no refund, removal of awards or prizes from tournament games, or any other actions deemed appropriate by staff members.

I will keep my attire appropriate while at the event.

I will not bring in weapons, alcohol, or use tobacco on the premises of the event.

I will not behave in any way that causes other participants to not enjoy their time at the event.

I will not physically or verbally abuse any other participants.

I will not show any excessive drunken behavior, or be belligerent or aggressive.

I will not steal or damage any property, and i am liable for any damage caused.

I won't use illegal substances, including alcohol if I'm under the drinking age.

I won't cheat or hack within the games or on the network.

I won't misuse the network in illegal or harmful ways.

I allow my likeness, in photographs, video, audio, and all manners, to be used by The Gaming Syndicate for uses that they see fit.